Everything Rick Barnes said about Tennessee’s loss to LSU

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    Vols head basketball coach Rick Barnes met with the media on Saturday afternoon following No. 16 Tennessee’s 78-65 loss to LSU in Baton Rouge to discuss what went wrong for his team.

    Barnes discussed what went wrong defensively, the offensive struggles his team experienced, John Fulkerson’s struggles, as well as the struggles of Victor Bailey Jr. and Yves Pons. He also discussed what Tennessee needs to do to be more consistent moving forward. Here’s everything Barnes had to say:

    On what went wrong defensively:

    “One-on-one defense. I think normally we do a good job guarding sets. We just did not do a very good job with our one-on-one defense. Which, we don’t ever want to leave someone on an island by themselves to do that. I didn’t think we did a great job of getting in the gaps to help. I also felt like, because our offense wasn’t what we wanted it to be, that hurt our defense today as well. To keep some pressure there, to feel there’s a need to score when they come down. But again, the one-on-one defense wasn’t very good. Then we fouled shooters a couple time where we didn’t need to do that. I just didn’t feel like, I don’t quite get it. In fact, I don’t think we listened today. I don’t think our team, the young guys are learning, obviously, and you guys know that. The one game that you play is not going to be the same the next game, or maybe the game after that. We told them that you’re not going to be able to drive and spin, because we know people are going to come do that. Took us too long to adjust with that.

    “We still need more from other players. We can’t rely, or ask, Keon and Jaden basically to guard the other team’s best players for the most part, then come down and end up with the ball in their hands because other guys aren’t trying to get involved. And we’re not executing the way we want to execute.”