On watching the film from the LSU game:

“I thought that we had too many breakdowns defensively. There were some ball screen actions at the start of the game, not getting matched up—which you can’t do that. We gave up a couple of baskets where I think a couple of guys had been out there too long in the second half and didn’t get back to set our defense the way we have to. I think the young guys are trying to do too much—which that’s not their fault necessarily. They’re going to have to understand what’s too much and what’s not enough and get right there in the middle. We knew we would go through a little bit of that when we started playing through the guards more so than the inside—we still need an inside game. We need Yves and John searching for shots, and they’ve had opportunities where they catch it and wait too long. We have some great looks when they were able to stretch the game out. They made some threes, and we had a couple of wide-open looks that we just didn’t make. It just felt like we were fighting uphill all game long because of some breakdowns that we haven’t had as often as you might think, and our one-on-one defense—they hurt us at the point position where they were able to break us down on some straight-line drives.”