Tennessee LB Aaron Beasley Suspended Indefinitely

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    The University of Tennessee football program indefinitely¬†suspended linebacker Aaron Beasley from the team on Monday night. The junior linebacker is accused of animal cruelty, stemming from an incident last week involving his girlfriends roommate’s 6-month old kitten.

    Beasley has not been arrested or charged regarding the incident and the investigation is still ongoing. According to multiple sources, the matter is also in the hands of the University’s student conduct board, who are still looking into the incident as well.

    A Tennessee spokesman released a statement on Monday night.

    “We have received the incident report from the Knoxville Police Department. Aaron Beasley has been suspended indefinitely from all football team activities as we await further information.”

    According to the Knoxville Police Department, the kitten was taken to the vet and evaluated. The report states that the kitten was taken there due to “severe trauma”, with a concussion and Kidney failure. According to the owner of the cat, she had left the house and when she returned found the kitten hiding underneath her dresser and was “not wanting to walk or stand up”.

    In a GoFundMe page, she accused Beasley of hitting and kicking the cat, while also locking him in a toilet bowl, after holding him upside down. The page also says the cat has “brain damage. Aaron Beasley’s girlfriend told the police that she did not see Beasley hit the cat or put it in the toilet, according to the incident report.

    A roommate who was also present during the incident, says she has text messages from the girlfriend that said her boyfriend (Beasley) put the cat in the toilet.

    The linebacker from Georgia has had a nice Spring so far, according to sources and with the depth at the position, coaches were hopeful he could play a part in this defense.

    As for now, Beasley will be away from the team, as the University and Police department finish their investigation.

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