Eli Manning Trolls Peyton With Golf Ball Joke After Tennessee/Ole Miss

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    Peyton Eli Manning

    Peyton and Eli Manning on ESPN and ABC’s Monday Night Football MegaCast in Week 1.

    Peyton Manning and his brother did not end up taking the ManningCast to Knoxville for the game between Tennessee and Ole Miss. However, Eli still found a way to have some fun with his brother online after the game.

    On Tuesday, Eli sent out a joke to Twitter, referring to Peyton having something to do with Saturday’s golf ball incident.

    “Not sure who threw that golf ball,” the joke read, with a picture of Peyton holding up a golf club.

    During Saturday’s delay in the Ole Miss game, a golf ball was thrown at Rebels’ head coach Lane Kiffin in the fourth quarter. The incident would eventually move the whole Ole Miss sideline away from the crowd momentarily.

    A few weeks ago, after the debut of the official Monday Night ManningCast, many fans wanted to see the Manning brothers call the game between their former teams. Additionally, even Eli and Peyton Manning were in on the idea, too. However, as Eli explains, the logistics just weren’t able to come together.

    “It started off as a social media thing a few weeks back with Kiffin kind of bringing it up,” Eli Manning said according to the Clarion-Ledger. “It got brought to us. I think Peyton was out of town. He had a trip planned that he couldn’t do it from too far away. It just gave me an opportunity to rip him a little bit and rag on him. He’s not on social media so it makes it even better that he doesn’t see a lot of the stuff I say. It was just a chance to jump on him.”

    In addition, according to the Clarion-Ledger, the Manning brothers do “have the set-up and infrastructure to broadcast college games in the future,” however, “the timeline just didn’t work out this time.”

    Although they weren’t able to do it last week, it does sound like a ManningCast could potentially be in Tennessee’s future. With Tennessee boasting the third-most points per game (39.3) in the SEC, the Vols’ high-octane offense could be enough to attract Eli and Peyton Manning to a game.

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