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Chiefs’ OL Trey Smith Delivers Massive Hit… Then Goes For a Swim

Trey Smith
Kansas City Chiefs OL Trey Smith. Photo via Kansas City Chiefs (@Chiefs) on Twitter.

Former Tennessee offensive lineman Trey Smith has been tearing up the league this season. Ever since his arrival into the NFL, Smith has put fear into the hearts of opposing defensive linemen. And on Monday night, during the Chiefs’ win against the Giants, Smith delivered one of his best hits – and celebrations – of his rookie year.

Brian Baldinger, an analyst on the NFL Network, broke down Smith’s hit on Tuesday morning.

“What you’re about to see has been rated R for excessive violence,” Baldinger hyperbolically said to open his video. “And nudity.”

“Excessive violence right here, just drilling grown men into the dirt,” Baldinger said in his video, “Losing your helmet, nudity right there. And then just getting into the pool and working on your stroke.”

“This is the best part of the Chiefs’ offense right here,” Baldinger said while breaking down Smith’s play.

However, it wasn’t just Baldy that was infatuated with Smith’s play against the Giants. In fact, a number of former players and analysts went to Twitter to give a reaction.

Trey Smith, a former Torchbearer Award recipient at the University of Tennessee, has been a powerhouse in his first season with the Chiefs. Although Kansas City’s record isn’t nearly as good as it has been in the last few years, it has nothing to do with Smith. The former Volunteer has been a rock-solid left guard for former MVP Patrick Mahomes, shown during his play against New York.

In Week 7 of the NFL season, Smith made his return to Tennessee when the Chiefs took on the Titans. Kansas City did not win the game in Nashville, but Smith did bring back his signature cowboy hat that was worn before many Tennessee Volunteers games.

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