Tennessee Commit Phillip Mason Drops Must-See Commitment Video

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    High school recruits are becoming more and more creative these days with their commitment methods. Gone are the days where every commitment video is a player behind a desk with three hats. Now, thanks to a multitude of creative outlets on the internet, we are seeing new commitments in different ways.

    One of the social sites that have been surging recently is Tik Tok, a platform that consists of short user-made videos. With the video method, recruits have been able to make different types of videos to show their collegiate allegiance.

    On Monday, Tennessee commit Phillip Mason sent out an iconic commitment video that really hasn’t been done before. It’s better seen than explained, so be sure to check it out for yourself below.


    The video was originally uploaded to Tik Tok by Mason on Monday. Mason’s Tennessee wall-art commitment video has already gathered 177 thousand views on Tik Tok alone – showing how new and unique his idea was.

    Phillip Mason, a 6-foot-1, 215-pound linebacker/safety hybrid, will begin his Tennessee journey as a preferred walk-on. Mason is heading up to Knoxville from Rossville, GA, where he played football at Ridgeland High School.

    With hundreds upon hundreds of collegiate commitments happening every year, it’s refreshing to see high school recruits take a different announcement path. While the hat routine (typically three to five hats are set up on a desk with the recruit choosing the hat representative of his school) has been done for a long time, it can be boring sometimes. For Mason, someone who is not on many nationwide recruiting sites, the move to use the viral sensation of TikTok was a brilliant idea to get fans excited about someone they may not have been as familiar with.

    Although Mason is not listed in the 247 databases, the recent moves by Tennessee have the team surging in the recruiting rankings. According to 247, Tennessee currently has the eighth-ranked class in the SEC and the 20th ranked class overall from a national perspective.

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