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ManningCast Mishap: Pardon Peyton’s French!

Uh oh! In one of the most memorable moments from the debut season of the ManningCast, Peyton Manning dropped a “non-regulated” television word on air, which sent the internet into a tailspin. After the incident occurred on television, the videos were getting shared around social media quicker than a wildfire.

During the end of the first quarter of Monday’s NFL playoff game in Los Angeles, the Rams scored the first touchdown of the game.

“Let’s go to Peyton,” Eli Manning said. “He’s going to break down that touchdown.”

However, the only thing breaking down over the next few seconds was likely the ESPN producer’s state of tranquility in the control room.


Clearly, the funniest part of the video is Peyton Manning, unknowing of the fact that his microphone was live, dropping a curse word. However, Eli Manning’s quick delivery of “never mind!” was sure to keep the laugh going for many viewers after Peyton’s mishap.

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After the game, Eli Manning took to Twitter, as expected.

“I love when Big Bro gets frustrated,” Manning said.

The ManningCast has delivered some of the most must-see content of the NFL Football season this year and has been a terrific way of bringing celebrities and superstars together, with the Manning brothers, to take in some football.

As one friend said to me during the game last night, “You know, it’s pretty cool that you get to watch an NFL playoff game with Peyton Manning, Eli Manning, and The Rock.”

Fair point.

Luckily for viewers that enjoyed the alternate programming, the Manning’s original deal with ESPN was a three-year deal. This means that the ManningCast will likely be on until 2023 at the earliest.

From Peyton Manning wearing an Ole Miss jersey to Eli Manning’s dance moves, the ManningCast was certainly a success in its first season, even despite some humorous troubles along the way.

The Rams defeated the Cardinals by a score of 34-11 on Monday night and will advance to the next round of the NFC postseason bracket.

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