Retired NFL Star Says Playing Peyton Manning Was Scarier than Tom Brady

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    Former Pro Bowl NFL linebacker Bart Scott did not enjoy playing Peyton Manning – and that’s a fact.

    Over the weekend, while appearing on ESPN Radio, 10-year NFL veteran Bart Scott spoke about the legendary rivalry that was between Peyton Manning and Tom Brady. However, as a former opponent on both, Scott says that going up against Manning was far more difficult and scarier than going up against Brady. While both quarterbacks had elite arm talent, Scott says that Manning’s mind-games made it tough to sleep the night before.

    “For me, I’d much rather go up against Tom Brady every day of the week than to go against Peyton Manning,” Scott said on ESPN Radio. “I believe that’s how everybody [in the league] feels.”

    Scott, a former member of the Baltimore Ravens and New York Jets, had to go up against both quarterbacks plenty of times throughout his career – including the playoffs.

    “I lost as a No. 1 seed to Peyton Manning with the Baltimore Ravens,” Scott said emphatically. “Peyton Manning gives you a different set of anxiety! Like you have anxiety.”

    Scott then went on to describe both Manning and Brady, and what made Manning so much more difficult to play.

    “With Tom Brady, it was more about Bill Belichick, the entire team, the execution, them having a game plan,” Scott said. “But Peyton Manning, literally, yellow meant something in the first quarter that meant something totally different in the second!”

    Scott then went on to say that the defense would lock in on Manning’s “yellow” call and switch the whole defense to the left side of the field, picking up on what Manning had done on offense in the first quarter. However, by the second quarter, Manning had reversed the play to fool the entire defense.

    Point, Manning.

    The comments from Bart Scott on ESPN Radio also come just about one week after former NFL quarterback Ryan Fitzpatrick also chose Manning over Brady in the great debate while appearing on The Adam Schefter Podcast.

    “I think Peyton is the greatest quarterback to ever live,” Fitzpatrick said. “And I think Tom Brady is the greatest champion. But I do think that Peyton Manning is the greatest quarterback to ever live.”

    The entire two-minute conversation from Bart Scott, which is full of great stories, rants, and tangents, can be seen below.

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