Where the SEC Stands in Week Two AP Rankings

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    Tennessee at SEC Media Days on Thursday, July 21, 2022. Photo by Ric Butler/Rocky Top Insider.

    The first week of college football is in the books. Entering the season, the SEC started with six teams in the inaugural week one college football AP poll. However, after an opening weekend that saw every SEC team except for LSU find a victory, the league now has two additional teams from the SEC East in the Top 25.

    Both Florida and Tennessee have entered the Ap Top 25 poll heading into week two.

    After Tennessee’s 59-10 victory over Ball State on Thursday, the Volunteers have inched their way into the No. 24 slot in the rankings. Tennessee was sitting as the first team outside of the Top 25 during week one, so it stands to reason why they were able to slide in so easily despite a win that was never in question after the opening two plays.

    Florida, though, makes the biggest jump of anyone in the rankings. The Gators entered week one as the No. 38-ranked team receiving votes from the AP poll. After their win over No. 7 Utah to open the season, Florida has jumped all the way up to the No. 12 spot in the country – with a ranked matchup against Kentucky on the immediate horizon.

    Besides Tennessee and Florida, there wasn’t a whole ton of movement from the rest of the SEC teams in the poll. Georgia and Arkansas did rise one and three spots, respectively, while Alabama, Texas A&M, and Kentucky stayed in their exact spot. Ole Miss was the only SEC team to fall in the poll, dropping one spot after a less-than-thrilling victory over Troy.

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    The SEC teams in the week two AP poll are as follows:

    No. 1 (1,552 points)

    • Alabama Crimson Tide (1-0)
    • Previous Ranking: 1
    • Previous Matchup: def. Utah State 55-0
    • Next Matchup: @ Texas

    No. 2 (1,511 points)

    • Georgia Bulldogs (1-0)
    • Previous Ranking: 3
    • Previous Matchup: def. Oregon 49-3
    • Next Matchup: vs Samford

    No. 6 (1,241 points)

    • Texas A&M Aggies (1-0)
    • Previous Ranking: 6
    • Previous Matchup: def. Sam Houston 31-0
    • Next Matchup: vs Appalachian State

    No. 12 (763 points)

    • Florida Gators (1-0)
    • Previous Ranking: NR
    • Previous Matchup: def. No. 7 Utah 29-26
    • Next Matchup: vs No. 20 Kentucky

    No. 16 (678 points)

    • Arkansas Razorbacks (1-0)
    • Previous Ranking: 19
    • Previous Matchup: def. No. 23 Cincinnati 31-24
    • Next Matchup: vs South Carolina

    No. 20 (373 points)

    • Kentucky Wildcats (1-0)
    • Previous Ranking: 20
    • Previous Matchup: def. Miami OH 37-13
    • Next Matchup: @ No. 12 Florida

    No. 22 (254 points)

    • Ole Miss Rebels (1-0)
    • Previous Ranking: 21
    • Previous Matchup: def. Troy 28-10
    • Next Matchup: vs Central Arkansas

    No. 24 (194 points)

    • Tennessee Volunteers (1-0)
    • Previous Ranking: NR
    • Previous Matchup: def. Ball State 59-10
    • Next Matchup: @ No. 17 Pittsburgh

    SEC teams receiving votes: Auburn (15), Mississippi State (10), South Carolina (2)

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