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Danny White Teases Fans Regarding Checker Neyland Announcement

Tennessee Checker Neyland
Tennessee’s Checker Neyland at Neyland Stadium. Photo by Mason Burgin/RTI.

We all knew it would happen sooner or later, but it is officially here. The desire for Checker Neyland is back.

After Tennessee’s 2-0 start to the season and a likely win on the horizon against Akron, Tennessee could potentially be headed into week four against Florida with an undefeated record.

While that game didn’t need any more added excitement besides the two teams on the card, Tennessee’s hot start to the season and the potential of a Top 25 matchup against the Gators have already turned this game into the talk of the town.

People have started to throw out the idea of doing Checker Neyland for the Florida game on social media, which has started to gain more and more attention.

VolShop’s Twitter was one of the first big accounts to tease the idea of Checker Neyland by posting two new Florida-specific shirts in identical orange and white colors – because, you know, just in case.

Twitter user Ashley tweeted to the Vol Shop, “So you’re saying you too want to checker Neyland? @AD_DannyWhite we promise to behave can we please make this official?”

Tennessee Athletic Director Danny White responded to the tweet with a funny, sly tease to the Vol fanbase: “Y’all promise…?”

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The reference that is being hinted at in the conversation goes back to the last time Tennessee did the Checker Neyland effect… the infamous 2021 Ole Miss game.

If you ask any Tennessee fan, they remember that game by the fourth-down passing play for Jacob Warren that the officials called short in the fourth quarter. The national story, though, was centered around the trash and debris that was being thrown on the field after that particular call was made. One way or another, it’s a game that few will be forgetting for quite some time.

The Tennessee fanbase has had the Florida game circled on the calendar for a while now. After Florida’s lopsided victory over Tennessee in the swamp last season, the Gators now come to Knoxville for what is expected to be one of the rowdiest games on Tennessee’s schedule.

Checker Neyland is one of the best football stadium atmospheres in the country. It’s up there with Penn State’s White Out as one of the most recognizable scenes in the country, too. Here’s the thing. Tennessee will have recruits at that game, and recruits love the lights and big-time environments. Recruits turn into enrollees that help win games.

What do you think? Do you want to see Tennessee do Checker Neyland for the Florida game? Sound off in the comments below!

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21 Responses

  1. absolutely! It will add some additional electricity to what is going to be a high voltage atmosphere anyway.

  2. It’s about time we at VOL nation to get serious about our team our passion. So let’s get a boning knife out and skin them dad burn Gators!!!! P.S. Give Him Six Touchdown!!! TENNESSEE

  3. GO BIG! CHECKERBOARD the Stadium with Pom Pom SHAKERS as well,
    SOLID ORANGE for The ORANGE Sectionz, and SOLID WHITE SHAKERS. in the WHITE Sections.
    GBO !?

  4. Yes absolutely orange and white checkerboard stadium at the the Florida game might help lure some recruits to come to Tennessee

  5. As much as I would love to see it, I think it would be best to do it it for the Roll Turd game. Just saying

  6. I hope and pray that we beat Florida this year. I wished that I could be there but I can’t afford tickets. But I’ll be watching it on TV. And will probably have 10 heart attacks. I my VOLS

  7. Yes, please! And have the uniforms be the traditional orange jerseys and white pants – no Smoky Greys or Dark Mode or Great Pumpkin uniforms (like we’ll see against Akron).

    Jack Phillips
    UTK Class of ‘75

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