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Southern Miss Not Planning On Selling Tickets To General Public

Photo via Southern Miss Athletics

Southern Miss baseball doesn’t anticipate selling tickets to the general public for this weekend’s Hattiesburg Super Regional, the school stated in a press release.

“Season ticket holders at Pete Taylor Park will receive information regarding Super Regional tickets,” USM announced. “Southern Miss Athletics does not anticipate selling tickets to the general public due to selling out Pete Taylor Park this season.”

Tennessee will get an allotment of 600 tickets for friends and families as is the rule in any NCAA Tournament event. Whatever doesn’t go to friends and families will go to Tennessee donors and season ticket holders.

Pete Taylor Field’s contains just 3,265 seats but Southern Miss averaged a capacity of 5,276 this season. It’s unclear whether all 5,276 tickets were season tickets or not. Southern Miss had more than 5,500 people at its super regional last season against Ole Miss and it is unclear what the capacity will be at Pete Taylor Stadium this weekend.

Southern Miss’ ability to sell 1,000-plus more tickets than Lindsey Nelson Stadium per game is a major reason why the NCAA chose them as a host school.

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Tennessee is back in the super regionals for the third straight season after sweeping the Clemson Regional last weekend. The Vols earned a thrilling 14-inning victory over the Tigers bookended by lopsided wins over Charlotte to advance.

Southern Miss impressively pulled itself out of the loser’s bracket in the Auburn Regional by winning four straight games to advance to the super regionals for the second straight season.

Both teams are looking to avenge last season’s super regional losses as Tennessee looks to advance to the College World Series for the sixth time ever and first time since 2021 and Southern Miss looks to advance to the College World Series for the second time ever and first time since 2009.

First pitch for the weekend series at Pete Taylor Field is at 3 p.m. ET Saturday June, 10.

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13 Responses

  1. Is it really surprising? They are afraid Tennessee fans will scoop up all the tickets

  2. No not surprising! we have a better fan base for baseball just like you have a better fan base in Football.

  3. It would easily be 70% orange if they didn’t do this. Good luck SMU you are gonna need all you can get!

  4. Hattiesburg

    Avg. Attendance: 10th ✅
    Wins: 45 ✅
    22 Super Regional Attendance: 5400 ✅
    Home to Pete Taylor Park: Yes ✅


    Avg. Attendance: 14th ❌
    Wins: 41 ❌
    22 Super Regional Attendance: 4500 ❌
    Home to Pete Taylor Park: No ❌

  5. Not really surprising as Southern Miss sold over 1,000 tickets per game more than Tenn. You know Tenn would do the same thing, season ticket holders get first chance at any school. Stop your crying.

  6. “Walk up” tox haven’t been available all season for USM baseball. They were able to sell every seat in the stadium out as season tickets. It’s a good problem to have.

  7. Maybe The University of Tennessee can do a watch party at Lindsey Nelson Stadium like what they did adjacent to the stadium when they hosted last couple seasons. If someone can contact the UT Athletics to see if it’s possible, I’m sure the fans would like it, especially for the fans that were not too thrilled about not hosting.

  8. It doesn’t matter whether you’re a USM fan or UT fan when it comes to baseball and the NCAA. It’s ALWAYS about how many tickets you can sell and ALWAYS about how much revenue you can bring in. LSU learned that lesson years ago. Go Tigers😼

  9. Vols will blast them and it’s not even close, SEC Baseball is just on another level compared to….. I’m sorry what conference is Southern Miss in? USA? Big 8 lmao… Do work Vols/ T Vitello, show why your paid the big bucks…

  10. I bet the dentist office have been swamped with the arrival of all the hillbillies.

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