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WATCH: Peyton Manning Narrates Netflix’s ‘Quarterback’ Series Opening

Peyton Manning
VFL Peyton Manning. Photo by Anne Newman/RTI.

With the tradition and newfound success of sports-based television series such as Full Swing, Welcome to Wrexham, and Hard Knocks, Netflix is now looking at the sacred space of the National Football League for its next streaming project.

While partnering up with Omaha Productions, Netflix is set to debut a new eight-episode docuseries titled, “Quarterback”.

Tennessee legend and Pro Football Hall of Fame quarterback Peyton Manning was one of the driving forces behind the inception of the streaming show and is currently serving as the show’s executive producer. The premiere episode will debut on Wednesday, July 12 on Netflix.

The show will follow three of the starting quarterbacks from the 2022-2023 NFL season: the Atlanta Falcons’ Marcus Mariota, the Minnesota Vikings’ Kirk Cousins, and the Kansas City Chiefs’ Patrick Mahomes. Each quarterback will bring a different perspective to the show as the season ended in multiple different ways.

While Mahomes did end up winning the Super Bowl and Cousins made it to the playoffs by winning the NFC North, Mariota was benched and left the team within a two-week period in early December. The docuseries will certainly show a fascinating perspective into what the good, the bad, and the ugly of a season can look like.

Netflix released the first four minutes of the program to stir interest en route to Wednesday. Manning was used as the narrating and introductory voice for the show, as seen in the clip:

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The former Tennessee icon also went on The Pat McAfee Show on Monday to speak about the program.

“I have great respect for all quarterbacks,” Manning said. “How hard it is, how much time they have to put in. Watching Kirk [Cousins] study in the car, he’s listening to headphones, repeating the play. Marcus’ wife is testing him on the playbook. I love that because these guys are taking their craft home with them, because you have to, right? I hear some guys say they don’t take it home with them. You have to take it home with ya.”

The new show from Netflix and Omaha Productions with executive producer Peyton Manning, Quarterback, is set to release on streaming on Wednesday, July 12.

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