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Butch Jones Gets Emotional During 73-Point Loss

Butch Jones Emotional Against Oklahoma // Photo via SportsCenter video

Year three of the Butch Jones era at Arkansas State could not have gotten off to a worse start. On Saturday, the Red Wolves got annihilated by Oklahoma in their season opener, 73-0.

The Sooners jumped out to a 28-point lead after the first quarter and never let up, picking up their most-lopsided season-opening win in 106 years.

Additionally, the loss was Arkansas State’s largest margin of defeat in the modern era.

During the fourth quarter, Jones got slightly emotional on the sideline as his team trailed by 73 with five minutes remaining. Sports Center posted a video on X showing an Arkansas State player console Jones, who was clearly having a difficult time watching his team experience a defeat of that magnitude.


The poor start to his third season in Jonesboro is another sign that the Butch Jones era isn’t going well at Arkansas State. Jones is now 5-20 as head coach of the Red Wolves after taking the job prior to the 2021 season.

With Jones’ already disappointing tenure now being compounded with the program’s worst loss ever, his seat may be as hot as ever.

If Jones is still head coach at Arkansas State next week, he’ll look to have his team ready to rebound against Memphis.

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25 Responses

  1. Butch Jones should have quit coaching after he was fired at Tennessee..Can’t teach an old dog new tricks.

  2. OU played almost no starter (if any) after halftime. You can’t ask non-starters to mail it in, they have worked hard as well. Plus, it’s a great way to get injured.

  3. Once upon a time I was a Butch Jones fan, but three years and the build up (or break down) has come and gone, and 5-20, really Butch I hope you read the writing on the walls but we here in Arkansas and Arkansas State want to see some wins in that column and if you can’t produce that there’s no excuse because the ending result rest on your shoulders and no one else, if you can’t win you need be fired.

  4. This is in response to Randy’s message above OU showed no class? It’s not Oklahoma’s job to take it easy. It’s Arkansas State’s job to stop OU and they failed. Plus Brent Venables wanted to see just what his team had and where they were. Show some intelligence Randy

  5. OU showed class by taking the starters out after the half. That’s just part of the game, so if you step on that field thinking that the other team is going to feel sorry for you, this game is not for you.

  6. Butch jones should get into wrestling he is so resilent that is what he always said at tenn.that was his go to word resilent he is a con man

  7. Hey this message is for randy on ou showing no class … the pulled moat of there starters at the half…ist not ou’s job not to play football which you seem to be suggesting….p.s. they could’ve hung a 100 on em…Boomer Sooner…

  8. Butch Jones is a fine college football coach. Oklahoma had “ One of those days” against Arkansas State. They were exceptionally motivated, and sharp, against a team that could have kept the game a lot closer on another day. As a Sooner fan since the fifties, I have never seen our team sharper in an opening game. Coach Jones’ despair during the game was completely understandable. His classy conduct, before, after, and even during the game deserves nothing but respect.

  9. We will see what they do against Memphis. I’m not crazy about Jones but he was literally left with very little talent. Memphis is his super bowl. Red Wolves (Indians) will be back!

  10. It’s not a matter of a team feeling “sorry” for you. It’s a matter of sportsmanship, which appears to be an antiquated concept. Simple as that.

  11. I’m a huge Butch Jones fan. He makes me feel so much better about having Neal Brown coaching WVU.

  12. Anyone complaining about OU running up the score has never competed at the collegiate level (or above). Competitors don’t want pity. And the risk of injury goes up when you aren’t focused. You can’t play a violent game with one foot on the brake. OU did the right thing. Now it’s gut check time and AS needs to put this behind them and bounce back.

  13. Butch is building the program brick by brick, which takes time. He should have them ready by the 2058 season.

  14. Randy: what kind of life lesson would these young men learn if toldvto ” take it easy “on a losing opponent. After working hard on their skills these back-up players should still play their best game. Shame on you Randy for expecting OU to pity an outclassed opponent.

  15. When ou 3rd string offense scores 3 touchdowns it is what it is. Ol ou hating randy up there maybe tou should have looked at the game stats first..I don’t know

  16. It is a terrible insult to the opposing team to let up on the gas. They practically used their entire roster. The second and third teams should have the right to utilize what they did in practice. Randy, Randy, Randy!!! Not good man!!!

  17. Randy is absolutely right. OU should have suited up the Pride of Oklahoma band at half and sent them in for balance of game.

  18. The Sooners did everything they could to have sportsmanship Noel B. Maybe the game should have just been called over at halftime. If OU 3rd string scores three touchdowns against a team of starters then obviously those starters weren’t not coached and couldn’t compete for any other collegiate team starting position. And I bet you were or have a child given a trophy in little league for participating. When I competed in sports you didn’t receive a trophy, ribbon or medal for just showing up you earned it through practice and hard work. Boomer Sooner!! Arkansas State get a coach

  19. The idea of sports is to compete and win. Maybe Oklahoma couldn’t take it easy because Ark St was just too weak. It does remind me of Spurrier at Florida. He loved to humiliate his opponent. Whatever you think of Jones he should be treated with dignity. If you’re not very good at something everyone may see it before you do . I think he may need to rethink careers.

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