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Peyton Manning Goes Crazy Calling for Jalin Hyatt’s Number on Monday Night Football

Peyton Manning
VFLs Jalin Hyatt and Peyton Manning. Photo via Tennessee Athletics.

It’s safe to say that Hall of Fame quarterback Peyton Manning is a big fan of VFL Jalin Hyatt.

The former Tennessee quarterback couldn’t stop himself from demanding Hyatt’s number be called during the Monday Night ManningCast for the game between the Seahawks and the Giants.

New York’s offense was struggling to get anything going all night and needed some sort of spark on offense. The Giants found that spark in Week 2 with rookie wide receiver Jalin Hyatt being able to stretch the field against the Cardinals. So, with New York’s offense sputtering against Seattle, Manning was calling for the same tactic.

Hyatt found one of his two catches of the game late in the second quarter but was promptly taken out, much to the disgust of Peyton Manning.

“And now we take Hyatt out,” Manning said. “Nice job. Come in for a two-yard completion, take him out.”

Manning’s call for Hyatt to be involved in the game carried well into the second half of play.

Peyton Manning even brought up the well-known photograph of himself with Hyatt, cigar clenched between teeth, after the Vols’ win over Alabama last season in Knoxville.

“That’s going to will him to get involved in the game,” Manning said after showing the picture. “He’s going to have three catches the next time the Giants get the ball. That’s what we need right here. Throw it to Hyatt. Just drop back and throw it deep to Hyatt, right?”

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But as Eli Manning pointed out at the same time the camera panned over to the Giants’ bench, Hyatt was there on the sideline.

There was even a moment in the broadcast where the game went into commercial break as both Manning brothers were chanting “Hyatt! Hyatt! Hyatt!” in unison – Peyton in support of his beloved Vols, and Eli in support of his beloved Giants.

New York needed an answer, and the Manning brothers both believed Hyatt was exactly that.

The Giants had a putrid showing from the offensive line that allowed 11 (ELEVEN!) sacks to the Seahawks pass rush. Quarterback Daniel Jones routinely had no time to pass – granted, when he did, it didn’t often look great. Jones was sacked 11 times, fumbled twice, and threw a 97-yard pick-six at the goal line. The Giants’ horrendous passing attack couldn’t give Jones or Hyatt a single second of time to allow a deep play to develop down the field.

Despite all of the talent that Hyatt brings to the table, the Giants’ offense is nowhere near good enough to use him at his best – and Peyton knows it, too.

Jalin Hyatt finished the game with two receptions for 10 yards to bring his season total up to four receptions for 99 yards, still looking for his first touchdown score. No matter how badly Peyton Manning wanted it last night, the Giants just couldn’t do anything on offense, falling to the Seahawks 24-3 in Metlife Stadium.

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  1. Either use him or trade him to someone who will use him to the best of his ability…it seems like the Giants are tanking way too early and the only reason I’m following the Giants this year is Jalin Hyatt…otherwise, they suck!

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