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Eli Drinkwitz Makes Eye-Opening Comment to Josh Heupel During Post-Game Handshake

Missouri coach Eliah Drinkwitz // Photo via Missouri Athletics

Right after Missouri’s 36-7 win over Tennessee in Columbia last Saturday, Missouri head coach Eliah Drinkwitz met with Tennessee head coach Josh Heupel at the middle of the field for a postgame handshake as all head coaches do following a game.

The visit was short-lived, as Drinkwitz made a quick comment to Heupel before immediately dashing the opposite direction to do his postgame TV interview and meet with his players.

As Drinkwitz shook Heupel’s hand quickly, he had five words for the UT head coach: “We stand on business, Josh.”

Watch a clip from SEC Inside of Drinkwitz saying the comment to Heupel below.

The saying “We stand on business” has become popular slang recently. The phrase is open to interpretation for what it exactly means. But it means something to the effect of “We take care of business,” or, “We do what we say we’re going to do,” or, “We practice what we preach,” or, “We are about morals.”

The exact reason why Drinkwitz said the comment is unknown, but one could infer it was fueled by Tennessee’s back-to-back blowout wins over Missouri in 2021 and 2022. Tennessee’s big wins, especially the one in Neyland Stadium last season, also led to Drinkwitz’ comments during the postgame TV interview after the win.

“We had some unfinished business from last year. We took care of business,” Drinkwitz told CBS postgame. “Our defense kicked their ass.”

While Drinkwitz’ ‘We stand on business’ comment was a bit unorthodox, Drinkwitz has the right to celebrate a win of that magnitude. After all, it was likely the biggest win of Drinkwitz’ career, and his Tigers are now in prime position to go 10-2.

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6 Responses

  1. Think Eli has done an incredible job in 12 months. I make Shrader my Heisman. As a Vol i find it hard to believe you don’t have a strategy to shadow Cook so a corner or someone is there to nail him when he jetisons the pocket. Likewise a linebacker who never takes his eyes off Schrader. His coming out of the backfield for a pass and no one within 10 yards is crazy. Worse defensive effort i have seen since coach H arrived….offensively whatever happrned to the bootleg? Kiffin ran it so well for us out beat up team came field goal from beating Bama in AL…Milton was made for it. Forget the crazy variation of the wishbone get him running withe receivers in front of him…

  2. Drivitz and the whole Missouri tam should send this week’s paycheck to the ref’s. So many non-calls and calls when there was no penalty.

  3. I stand with Eli. Heupel is an arrogant with a chip on his shoulder because of his time at Mizzou. Last year showed what an sob he truly is. This was a great win and Eli was correct in saying the defense kicked their asses, only wish we would have returned the favor with 60 plus points. MIZ

  4. So sick of hearing about Eli Drinkwitz. He won a football game. So what? He got his a$$ handed to him the two previous years. Missouri will always be a middle-of-the-conference team. Next story …

  5. God I can’t stand this nerd!!! I want us to beat the 💩 out of Missouri for now on!!! Can’t be gracious in the win. SMH!!!

  6. Missouri was extremely lucky for that 61 yd field goal they kicked in he last part of their game with Kansas State.
    Then they came to our house and we were assignations 14-zip in the first quarter. I don’t begrudge anyone their luck but let’s not be talking crap when you overnight have become a magic fixer upper because he is not. He doesn’t even know how to act when he wins.

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