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The Latest News and Rumors on the Imminent College Football 25 Video Game

Tennessee college football video game
Tennessee Volunteers in EA College Football 25. Photo via Tennessee Athletics/EA Sports.

Disclaimer: This is a post by a nerd, to the nerds, and for the nerds. It’s almost time for what we’ve been waiting a decade for. Sit back, relax, and enjoy. And if you’re not about the video game scene and already regret clicking this article, here’s some real news for you: See The Early Betting Lines For Handful Of Tennessee Football’s 2024 Matchups. All good? Let’s continue.

After a decade of waiting, it’s almost time for the blockbuster reuniting of the college football world to the video game world with the release of EA SPORTS College Football 25 later this summer.

The game was shelved for more than 10 years following a lawsuit by former players regarding name, image, and likeness to the last installment of the series back in 2013. Now, though, the introduction of NIL laws has put the beloved video game franchise back on the map, celebrated by teens playing in their parents’ basement, college kids in fraternity houses around the country, and the nolstagic adult gamers who want a taste of what was so great back in 2013.

What Tennessee fans don’t want to control Nico Iamaleava and James Pearce Jr., either?

Like the yearly installments of the Madden series, EA College Football 25 will allow players to play their favorite college football matchups, challenge other players online, create heisman-worthy seasons with created players, and much more. We certainly don’t know everything about the game, but as the spring has gone on we’ve found out more and more.

Here’s a look at some of the biggest pieces of news (and rumors) to come out on the road to EA College Football 25 this summer:

When Will The Game Be Released?

That’s unknown at the time of this publication, but the answer might be right around the corner.

EA Sports has a timer on their webpage that expires on May 16 at 11:00 a.m. ET. The timer says that it’s for the cover release, which is a big deal with sports games these days (it’s really not), but there’s a good chance the official release date is also made with the announcement.

College Football 25
EA CFB 25 countdown clock. Photo via

Will Tennessee Be In The Game?

Absolutely. That was announced back on February 22.

Not only will Tennessee be in the game, but the Vols’ Neyland Stadium will be a key feature to highlight the next-gen graphics and gameplay. A rendering of Neyland Stadium – along with the current setup of two V-O-L-S boards – was shown in EA’s announcement trailer back in late February.

Alternate jerseys are expected to be present alongside traditional home and away threads, but it’s not confirmed as to whether Tennessee’s original Smokey Greys, the Condredge Holloway-inspired Smokey Greys, or the all-black Dark Modes will be available right away.

Current NCAA players have the ability to opt into the game, and in return will receive a free copy of the game along with $600 for their involvement. Head coaches, including Josh Heupel, are set to be a feature that is added to the game at a later date.

EA Sports
Neyland Stadium rendering the in the EA College Football 25 reveal trailer. Graphic via EA Sports on X.
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Who Is On The Cover?

That’s an interesting question.

The “deluxe edition” of the game leaked onto the PlayStation Store and gave an indication as to what the cover will look like for that specific edition. Michigan’s Donovan Edwards, Texas’ Quinn Ewers and Colorado’s Travis Hunter are the three players on the cover surrounded by athletes from other programs including Alabama’s Jalen Milroe and Georgia’s Carson Beck.

It doesn’t seem likely that this will be the standard cover, as companies including EA have sought to capitalize on the collectors by releasing multiple variations of the covers. We’ll find all of that out on May 16, though.

Tennessee does make the extended cover on the PlayStation Store’s official website, though… If you squint and zoom.

College Football 25
College Football 25 extended cover. Photo via Playstation Store.

How Much Will The Game Cost?

If you’re coming here from the Playstation 4/Xbox One days, first off, welcome back. We’re glad to have you. Unfortunately, though, the industry has moved on from the $59.99 standard price tag that you were used to. Most current-gen games for the Playstation 5 and Xbox Series X are set at $69.99.

An unconfirmed leak from GameStop’s database shows that the standard edition is set for the $69.99 tag while the Heisman Edition (potentially a step up from the deluxe edition) will more than double that with a $149.99 price tag. Unless it comes with a free game ticket or that local money is going to Spyre Sports to fund NIL efforts, that’s a wickedly wild price tag. It could be nothing, though.

The likely scenario is that the Deluxe and Heisman Editions, however it is or isn’t split up, are likely to have in-game incentives, early access, or potentially a physical collectible alongside a steelbook case.

What Consoles Will EA CFB 25 Be On?

Playstation 5 and Xbox Series X/S are a lock.

PC seems likely, and maybe even an inevitability if the game is successful, though it’s not believed to be confirmed for PC quite yet.

The big question is if the game will come to previous-gen consoles, such as the PS4 and the Xbox One. A recent release of UFC 5, made by EA, was published on just PS5 and Xbox Series X/S back in October with no previous gen or PC support. Perhaps that is the most likely, but again, we’re also likely to have official results by lunchtime on May 16.

Stay tuned to RTI for a quick follow-up post on the state of the video game following the game reveal on May 16.

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