John Cave Osborne

John Cave Osborne
John Cave Osborne is a freelance writer and a co-founder of Rocky Top Insider. Nothing bugs him more than joke-heavy, third-person bios with the possible exception of Pit Bull.

Rocky Top Insider's John Cave Osborne with a personal essay about Prince, the unique path he took, and the legacy he left behind.

Last night's season finale of The Walking Dead, Last Day on Earth, has us all asking Who is it? I assess the likelihood of all who stood the grim chance.

John Cave Osborne reviews The Walking Dead: The Next World with keen insight and jokes re: the band Boston and Carrie Underwood.

John Cave Osborne reviews the midseason premier of The Walking Dead, No Way Out, a bit late and with a pinch of snark.

John Cave Osborne wrote about Peyton Manning a couple years ago before the Super Bowl against the Seahawks. Given the result of Super Bowl 50, he thought it was worth revamping and sending it out on a victory lap. Much like the one Peyton's currently enjoying.

We discussed the 1st full-time female assistant coach in the NFL, more ball issues for the Patriots, and more in What's Buzzing.

We discussed the Vols landing Marquez Callaway, Vols basketball, Peyton Manning as a coach, and more on RTI Radio.

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