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Could Randy Moss and Peyton Manning Have Played Together at Tennessee?

Could Peyton Manning and Randy Moss Have Played Together at Tennessee?

During VFL Peyton Manning’s Monday night ManningCast with his brother Eli Manning, the two hosted guest Randy Moss for a good portion of the first half. The three mainly talked ball while watching the Saints take on the Buccaneers, but Manning and Moss shared one particular story that undoubtedly piqued all of Vol fans’ interest […]

Peyton Manning Ramps Up With Frustration Over Broncos Coaching On ManningCast

Peyton Manning

The Monday Night ManningCast is back for its second season on ESPN and the first game of the season did not disappoint. Hosts Peyton and Eli Manning were back in their normal sports for the game and welcomed in a number of celebrity guests along the way. While there certainly were great moments from the […]