Tennessee vs. Oklahoma

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The Oklahoma Sooners have moved up their season opener, and they now have a week break before taking on the Vols on September 12th.
Texas Oklahoma Tennessee

After wrapping up a home-and-home series with Oklahoma 2015, the Vols are set to see the Sooners again in the not-too-distant future.
Texas Oklahoma Tennessee

Oklahoma center Ty Darlington had some complimentary words for Tennessee to a local outlet in Oklahoma.

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Tennessee offensive coordinator Mike DeBord discusses some of UT's struggles in the second half against Oklahoma.

Vol Nation did its part to give the Vols an edge on Saturday night.

On multiple occasions Saturday, one yard made a huge difference for the Vols.

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A second look at Tennessee's overtime loss to Oklahoma on Saturday night.

Butch Jones didn't blame the loss on the officials on Saturday, but said he was disappointed in some of the calls made.