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10 Reasons to Bust on South Carolina


4. More Spurrier


We return to Steve Spurrier for three reasons. (a) The guy’s a goldmine. (b) I feel it only appropriate to sprinkle him throughout the rest of the piece. And (c) he’s the only head coach who regularly skins off. Everyone’s seen the shot of him sans shirt at practice. But I prefer this one where the HBC is kicking it at the Daytona 500 which is a shirt-optional forum if there ever was one.

Back in the day, my buddies and I used to play this game called “Skin it to win it.” You had to skin off in an unlikely place (bars were the usually the locale of choice) and stay skinned off for 10 minutes (before someone told you to put your shirt back on). If you succeeded, you got free drinks all night.

If Spurrier played this game, he’d be hammered a ton. Hey, wait a minute…


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