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10 Reasons to Bust on South Carolina


Let’s cut right to the chase here. Saturday’s South Carolina game is critical. So let’s bust on ’em a bit on this fine Halloween day, shall we? Because believe me, there’s plenty of reasons to bust on them, starting with…

1. Steve Taneyhill’s Mullet


South Carolina had sucked for a really long time, then along came this questionable clown rocking an even more questionable hairdo. Sadly, he really was a nasty quarterback and he made for a good story, which means sports fans got more than their fill of Taneyhill. (That sounds like the title to a smut movie. More Than Your Fill Of Taneyhill.) If there’s a better example of a mullet, I’m unaware of it. Because that thing made Billy Ray Cyrus’s frock look like a buzz cut.


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