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Pick 6: SEC Against the Spread – Week 1

Nick Saban-1

John: Welcome to the week-one edition of a little number we like to call Against the Spread. Here’s how it’ll go down. All season long, Kevin Hughes and I will have a friendly little contest whereby we select six different SEC games and pick a winner. Against the spread, that is. So in a way, I guess you could say we’re giving gambling advice.

So here’s some right here. Don’t gamble. Damn junkie. Or do, if you want. I’ve never been big on harshing on the unhealthy habits of others. Something about a glass house and stones. Besides, I’ve been known to bury the man.

Okay, that’s a lie, I usually get taken, but still, that’s why this column will be so much fun for me. Nothing on the line aside from public shaming and I’m married, so I’ve totally gotten used to that. Anyway, without further ado, here’s the week 1 installment of Against the Spread.

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