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Position Grades: Tennessee 34, Georgia 31

Running Backs

Photo Credit: Courtesy of Tennessee Athletics
Photo Credit: Courtesy of Tennessee Athletics

It was an odd game for the running backs. Alvin Kamara ended up with the most touches (18), compared to Jalen Hurd’s 13. Butch Jones said it was a lower-body injury that kept Hurd out late, though the CBS broadcast reported that Hurd wasn’t receiving much medical attention on the sideline, and said it was likely a coaches decision during the game. Hurd had a humiliating moment early in the game when he caught a pass and let up before the end zone, leading to a Georgia player decking him right before the goal line and forcing a fumble. He helped atone for that with a touchdown reception later in the game, but that first earlier instance was highly uncharacteristic for him. Kamara also had a fumble, but was mostly effective on the ground (16 carries, 62 yards), and added a nice touchdown grab of his own.

Daniel: B-
Nathanael: B+
Stephen: B

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