Final Thoughts from Tennessee’s Loss to Georgia

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    Photo by Anne Newman/RTI

    Jeremy Pruitt’s return to Athens was rocky last Saturday, as Tennessee fell to No. 2 Georgia 38-12.

    After what appeared to be a knockout punch from Florida, the Vols got up off the mat against the Dawgs and fought. Tennessee may have lost by 26, but there was evident progress. After all Pruitt’s squad was down by just two scores on the road early in the fourth quarter to the nation’s No. 2 team. I went back and checked the tape to see what the Vols did so well to make it a ball game and what they did not do well, leading to a lopsided loss.

    It should be noted that these are numbers that I tallied. They’re likely different than the coach’s because, quite frankly, I don’t get to watch the coach’s film and we don’t know what each player’s responsibility is on each play. I also don’t have the luxury of watching the all-22 film like NFL writers are afforded for NFL games. These numbers are mine and based off my judgement and opinion from the TV footage.

    Here is my analysis of what happened with the Vols on Saturday.

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