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Final Thoughts from Tennessee’s Loss to Georgia

Running Backs

Photo by Anne Newman/RTI

Here’s what I saw out of the backs against Georgia:

Ty Chandler

Positive runs: 3 on 5 carries

Negative runs: 2 on 5 carries

Broken tackles: 4

Picked up blitz: 0 (Chandler is rarely in on pass-blocking opportunities)

Missed blocks: 0

Tim Jordan

Positive runs: 3 on 6 carries

Negative runs: 3 on 6 carries

Broken tackles: 2

Picked up blitz: 6

Missed blocks: 0

Madre London

Positive runs: 1 on 3 carries

Negative runs: 2 on 3 carries

Broken tackles: 0

Picked up blitz: 1

Missed blocks: 1

Jeremy Banks

Positive runs: 1 on 6 carries

Negative runs: 5 on 6 carries (fumbled once)

Broken tackles: 2

Picked up blitz: N/A

Missed blocks: N/A

Tennessee’s running game has now struggled in back-to-back games against Florida and Georgia, respectively. Most of the running game’s issues right now center around the offensive line, but Ty Chandler isn’t receiving enough carries, Tim Jordan still bounces the ball outside more than he should, Madre London isn’t flashy, and Jeremy Banks can’t hold on to the football.

Chandler receiving just five carries is malpractice. The sophomore is shifty, masking the offensive line’s deficiencies. Chandler’s ability to make guys miss is something the rest of the backs don’t necessarily possess. As a result, I think we’re on the verge of having a clear-cut rotation, rather than all four backs receiving equal reps.

Toss plays: 1

Wildcat: 1 (Tim Jordan)

1st Down Runs: 8

2nd Down Runs: 8

While the passing game is a bit predictable, the running game is even more predictable. Helton runs the ball on nearly every first down and doesn’t necessarily deviate from the run on second down. It is far too predictable and conservative. If I can realize what Helton is about to do on TV or in the stands, you know the phenomenal defensive minds around the SEC know what’s coming.

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