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Alternate Uniform Concepts for Tennessee Football

Ridge Runner — USS Tennessee (BB-43)

  • A steel grey and black uniform to honor the legacy of the USS Tennessee (BB-43).
  • Launched in 1919, the USS Tennessee was the lead ship of the Tennessee class of Dreadnought battleships.
  • The ship was nicknamed the “Ridge Runner”
  • It was one of the few ships to survive the bombing at Pearl Harbor, although ships around it were downed.
  • The USS Tennessee saw battles all throughout the Pacific during WWII.
  • The ship had a large orange stripe at the bottom with a thinner black stripe on top of it. That design can be seen on the uniform’s helmet, numbers, sleeves, and pant stripes.
  • The helmet has a riveted steel warship pattern and texture on it to mimic the look of the USS Tennessee’s hull design. That texture design is also seen on the numbers, sleeves, stripes, etc.
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