Everything Jeremy Pruitt said following Tennessee’s loss to Arkansas

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    Tennessee has now lost four straight games following its 24-13 loss to Arkansas on Saturday night.

    The Vols blew a 13-0 halftime lead to the Razorbacks. Jarrett Guarantano’s night ended early due to a head injury, which caused the offense to spiral out of control and be shutout in the second half. On the flip side, Tennessee’s defense allowed Arkansas to score 24 unanswered points.

    Here’s everything Pruitt had to say following Tennessee’s loss to Arkansas:

    Opening Statement:

    “You know, when you look at this game, first of all you have to give credit to Arkansas. They really outplayed us in the second half. Outscored us. In fact, shut us out the second half. Not a very good job there. We have to do a much better job coming out at halftime. But if you look at this game, to me there are lots of things that we have to do, obviously, to correct. First thing is we have to play a lot cleaner game. That starts with me. Starts with the coaching staff. We didn’t play very good in the second half at times. Gave up a couple big plays defensively. Again, just, reverse in the first half. They bolted a guy and a guy crossed the middle right there. Again, in the first half. (Treylon Burks) catches the ball down the sideline on a busted play, when they had all day because we don’t rush. Our outside backer doesn’t rush there. So the quarterback held the ball for a long time. But you should still should be able to match the patterns there. Gave up a nine ball when we got a guy double covered. We got to play better technique. So I thought defensively, even though those things happened, I thought the kids fought, trying to finish. There are four balls on the ground, we get zero of them. Then offensively, just first half, we just controlled the ball, knocking them off. But there’s two or three plays in the first half where we don’t do very well on first down. Whether it’s not blocking the right guy or not finishing on the right guy, where we end up having to kick field goals. Where if we just stay on the guy, we got a chance to end up with 21 points instead of 13. So you have to score touchdowns when you get down there close. And we didn’t do that. Second half, obviously Jarrett (Guarantano) got hurt, wasn’t able to finish the game. And just didn’t get nothing going there.”