WATCH: Peyton Manning Is a Comedy Star on Saturday Night Live

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    Peyton Manning is a well-known, Hall of Fame quarterback from the University of Tennessee. Most everyone knows that. But even the people that aren’t quite tuned in to sports likely know Manning’s name from one of his many, many, many hilarious sketch comedy skits.

    For a number of years during his playing career and now during his retirement as well, Manning has shown up on Saturday Night Live as either a special guest or a celebrity host. And judging by his list of hits, who could disagree? From the United Way Children’s Resource Center to Manning’s Dancing Player/Coach routine, his videos have been a hit on the internet for over a decade.

    On Saturday night, after the Vols’ loss to Texas on the hardwood, Manning showed up on Saturday Night Live once again to deliver  – arguably – one of his best sketches ever.

    Take a look for yourself below.

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    In line with the SNL sketch, Manning was on the show to talk about a few topics around the NFL, including last week’s divisional weekend and Tom Brady’s retirement. However, the Hall of Fame quarterback wasn’t interested in talking football. Instead, Manning was all over the real-life Netflix TV show – Emily in Paris.

    “Well, I planned to, but I had an hour to kill before the first game,” Manning said in the skit. “And just for fun, I put on the first episode of Emily in Paris, season two. And I watched the entire season straight through. Oh my God, Colin, this show has everything: Romance, adventure, sensuality, culture, a fresh take on feminism… finally!”

    Over the course of the four minute skit, Manning maticulously breaks down Emily in Paris season two like it is a playoff game against the Patriots from back in the day.

    And by the end of the skit, Manning was donning a bright red French beret cap.

    Once again, Peyton Manning proves why he is such a likeable talent, on and off the football field.

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