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Nick Saban Wants Rule Change That Offsets High Tempo Offenses

Photo by Crimson Tide Photos / UA Athletics.

Change and college football have become synonymous with one another in recent years as the transfer portal, NIL and conference realignment have dominated the discussion around the sport.

Alabama coach Nick Saban sat down with Sports Illustrated’s Ross Dellenger to discuss his thoughts on a number of changes coming to college football.

One topic Saban brought up in the interview was high tempo offense’s and allowing for defense’s to substitute even when the offense does not. The legendary college coach cited safety as the reason a rule change should be made.

“The way it used to be, the [official] would spot the ball and you couldn’t snap the ball [immediately],” Saban told Dellenger. “When a team can snap the ball within seven seconds of the [play] clock, is that really good for player safety? I’m just asking the question. When you are on the defensive side, you can’t even change personnel.”

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16 Responses

  1. So for every rule or regulation contemplated there is always an unintended consequence. For example if Coach Saban were to proposed a rule change that would require the defense be given 20 seconds from placement of the ball before the offense could snap the ball (freezing the game clock) this would allow the defense to “safely” get set for the next play, it would also give an offense trailing by 6 points an advantage, to go the length of the field with only 30 seconds on the clock with no timeouts. You really can’t lower one side of the scale without raising the other.

  2. Saban is a great coach,but perhaps the game is passing him by? He was out coached by Josh Hupel in Knoxville last year and by LSU as well. Now he wants to change rules so he can continue to coach the same old way. He needs to stop whining and start coaching again.

  3. LMAO. He is supposed to be the coaching GOAT. When he loses once to UT once 16 years, he becomes the biggest baby of all. He is even calling it a safety issue just to get his way. Geez.

    As the game changes, coaches need to adapt, not make rule changes to keep it the same. All sports run into this. Plus look at the TV revenue that high powered offenses bring. When UT was 3 runs and a punt, no network would carry UT unless it was ESPN 37.

  4. Grow a pair Saban for gods sake. All you do is cry when the game changes and you dont like it. Not only is he crying about up tempo offenses, he is also crying about possible future permanent opponents in the 3-6-6 proposal after Texas and OU join the SEC. Possible 3 permanent teams are Tennessee, Auburn, LSU. I dont see the problem here since you are already playing these teams every year now. Tennessee has had to play Georgia and Alabama every year since the conference split. How many nattys have these two won over the last 10 years. Under the current format, if Tennessee won the east, it most likely would face Bama again in SEC title game. And if things played out right could face Bama again for a natty.Count your blessings Saban because with league expansion, it appears less likely, but not impossible to play a team twice since one proposal is to combine league and top 2 play for title. But wait, that would mean Bama play the #1 or #2 team in the league and that does not seem fair either if you are a Bammer. The tears keep coming.

  5. Ok settle down everyone, Tennessee has beaten the tide once in 16 years. I don’t think Saban is too worried. Also Saban did adjust and adjusted better than everyone a decade ago when he was saying the same things. Just watch, that man will beat everyone’s tail this year.

  6. 😂😂😂😂😂 what a crybaby!!! If other can do it maybe he needs to call and get advice from them😂😂 the point of the matter is he lost and is a sore loser!!! Watch how many times his offensive line holds or his secondary holds a receiver or climbs all over the receiver before the ball is even close and the referee looks right at it and won’t call it. Eye for an eye Nick!!!

  7. In case you have not noticed Brandon, there is a seismic shift taking place in the SEC. Georgia has taken over as top Dawg in the league right now and you cannot dispute that. LSU and Tennessee are much improved and coming. Auburn just hired a coach that knows how to beat Saban. Texas and OU coming soon. Things only get tougher from here and the glory days may be fading. I can still see the Tennessee loss still hurts and i get it. A team loaded with 5 stars losing to a inferior team that 2 years ago lost over 30 players after the Pruitt mess. Better players losing to a team like that can only be coaching. BELIEVE THE HEUP!

  8. 😂😂😂😂 if it’s not in his favor he 😢 like a little kid throwing a fit!! Call the other coaches and see how they do it Nick.

  9. You know, I have always thought Coach Saban was one of the best, but now I’m starting to think it’s about time he just relax on his front porch and tell people old football stories 🤔

  10. Calm down vols you won one game in 16 years and you guys act like you going to win every game everytime you play bama. Coach Saban is doing an interview and was asked a question. He does make the rules or change the rules. But you are bitching what a coach said. You are the ones acting like Saban has the power to change the rules. You know all coaches take advantage of a situation if they like faking injuries … It is one that lot of coaches use to slow the offense. The hurry up offense is one of the prime examples. It surpassed the spread offense. Do not worry … Coach Saban will start training defense players and assistant how to counter the HUO Vols. So it appears like you are the ones really doing the *whining*.

  11. Boo Hoo! Saban gets whipped by UT one year and he already wants a rule change because he’s not able to handle the machine that is Josh Heupel! Your best days are gone, Nick. Time to retire.

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