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Best Gurley Headlines


Georgia Game-26

WARNING: THIS POST AIN’T RIGHT. If you’re easily offended, it’s probably wise to stop reading now. It’s PG-13 at best…

If you read any of the stuff I wrote when I was at TN Sports Radio, you might recall I have a Gurley fetish. In that I liked to drop as many Gurley jokes as possible.

I’ve held off this year (for the most part) because, seriously, how many Gurley jokes can you make? Plus, with the advent of Chubb, I wasn’t sure I could trust myself. Oh, sure, I’d tweet some stuff here and there. Gurley eager to share the load with Chubb comes to mind. But for the most part, I’ve stayed mum.

Until yesterday’s news, which prompted me to throw out a couple of Gurley headlines on Twitter. When I asked for y’all to chime in, the tweets came a’ rolling, and a lot of them were phenomenal. So I decided to compile some of the better ones and divide them into three flights. But before we get to them, first let me first say this:

I think the NCAA rules on this matter suck. If you’re a music major and you hit it big, you’re totally allowed to sign stuff for money. But if you’re a football player who’s making your school millions of dollars, you can’t make four quick bills by signing 80 autographs? Look, if he did it, he knows the rules, so he should get punished. But the rules are just so bad. Oh well, on to the headlines. Starting with…


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