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Friday Top 10: The Vols Are Cast in Star Wars

4. Nick Saban as Darth Vader

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Every set of heroes needs a villain, and the main antagonist in the original Star Wars trilogy was the Sith Lord Darth Vader. As the Emperor’s right-hand man, Vader ruthlessly kept order among the Empire and was the most-feared figure in the galaxy.

Similarly, Alabama head coach Nick Saban is both Tennessee’s biggest rival and the most powerful and feared head coach in the SEC.

Saban won quickly and won often once he took over at Alabama after a brief stint in the NFL, and ever since his initial 7-6 campaign in 2007, the Crimson Tide have never won less than 10 games under Saban. While at Alabama, Saban has won 103 games and lost a mere 18, including this year’s 12-1 record.

Vader was the enemy the good side could not beat for the longest time just like Saban is the coach the Vols can’t seem to beat. Saban is undefeated against the Vols while at Alabama.

In the end, however, Luke vanquished the dark side and helped turn his father, Vader, to the light side of The Force, redeeming him for his atrocities. Vol fans probably don’t care about redeeming Saban, but they would certainly like to see him vanquished on the football field.

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