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Friday Top 10: The Vols Are Cast in Star Wars

6. Josh Dobbs as R2-D2

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One of the most lovable and charismatic characters of the films is the droid R2-D2, an astromech droid who saves the day multiple times and warmed his way into everyone’s heart as one of the best companions in film history.

Much like R2, quarterback Josh Dobbs has also saved the Vols multiple times from near defeat. Whether it was a historic performance against South Carolina in 2014, carrying the offense on his back against Vanderbilt that same season, or leading the offensive comeback against Georgia this year, Dobbs has helped out the football program a great deal since coming here.

Not only that, but Dobbs is one of the few Vols’ football players who could challenge R2’s intelligence.

R2-D2 is an astromech droid, meaning he dabbles in coding, hacking, engineering and “rocket science” type material. And as everyone knows, Tennessee’s current quarterback is an aerospace engineer. Meaning Josh Dobbs is one smart kid.

Dobbs has the brains and talent comparable to R2-D2, and Vol fans hope the best is yet to come for their engineer quarterback.

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