Paul Finebaum Rips Tennessee, Tony Vitello on TV Show

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Tennessee alumni and ESPN TV/radio personality Paul Finebaum didn’t waste any time sharing his thoughts on Tennessee Baseball and Tony Vitello. During his Monday edition of The Paul Finebaum Show, Finebaum didn’t hold back when talking about the Vols’ Super Regional elimination.

“There are a lot of motor homes that are halfway to Nebraska turning around right now,” Finebaum said on The Paul Finebaum Show Monday.

Finebaum began by talking about the team’s loss before eventually bringing his thoughts on Tennessee head coach Tony Vitello into the conversation.

“Well, it happened on Rocky Top,” Finebaum said. “Notre Dame came in there unheralded, the fourth-best team in the ACC, and beats not only the number one team in the tournament, but a team that many of the experts that you hear all the time, was possibly the best baseball team of all time. That ‘best baseball team of all time’ did not make it to the College World Series.”

“Tony V (Vitello) went a different direction,” Finebaum said. “Had he won, we all would’ve been saying that he’s unconventional, he’s brash, and he’s the best. He lost and he will pay for it. Listen, we don’t sugarcoat things here. He got his comeuppance [Sunday].”

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Vitello, the reigning SEC Coach of the Year, helped lead Tennessee to a final record of 57-9 this season, which is an astounding accomplishment. However, after losing two-of-three games to Notre Dame in the Knoxville Super Regional, the Volunteers’ season has abruptly ended.

“I think ultimately this is a complete meltdown,” Finebaum said via Sam Gillenwater of On3 Sports. “Tony Vitello was here a week ago talking about all the things that people don’t like about him. Let’s be honest. He comes off brash and a know it all.”

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Finebaum left no stone unturned over the course of the four-hour program as the ESPN host called Tennessee’s loss a complete meltdown.

“They lost at home,” Finebaum said. “Not in a last-second home run. They just melted down and that will be difficult to get over. They melted down to the fourth-best team in the ACC. This isn’t the ACC Network here, okay? There’s no way around it … It’s painful. It’s even more painful when you lose at home and don’t even get there.”

“The coach that didn’t care about anything, well, they’re getting a little bit of a taste of humble pie up on Rocky Top today,” Finebaum said. “A tough pill to swallow for the Volunteers. Peyton Manning showing up on Friday. Does Tennessee ever win when Peyton Manning shows up?”

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