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5 Reasons to Hate Oklahoma


1. The OU Bro

OU bro

Oklahoma whooped Alabama in last year’s Sugar Bowl, and the Saban-hating nation rejoiced. With good reason. It’s always nice to see Nick fall flat. Plus, it was fun to see the ensuing meltdown from Bama fans which is exactly why the YouTube video of Bama Woman vs. OU Bro went viral. (Well, that and Bama Woman’s sick-ass hops.)

The entire world railed on Bama Woman, but the OU Bro got off scot-free, and I don’t think he should have. Because picking a fight with a woman is incredibly UNCOOL. And getting worked by said woman to the point of having to seek safe harbor in arms of a fellow OU Bro via a delicate leap, even more uncool.

And don’t even get me started on the taupe pants. Good enough (or bad enough) to qualify as a global reason to root against Oklahoma.


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