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5 Reasons to Hate Oklahoma


3. The Boz


I’m not saying he wasn’t a badass. But I am saying he was a primadonna. Part beast. Part diva. All ‘roid. With the fashion sense of Pat Benetar. Along with a splash, perhaps, of Jennifer Beals of Flashdance fame. (What a feeling!)

He had a mohawk. Yet he had a mullet. He was awesome. Yet he sucked. Because if you were caught on the bottom of a pile with that intolerable wanker, then you got spit on before hearing the words Welcome to Oklahoma Football from the mouth of a meathead.

He got run out of the NFL in short order (tougher steroid policy, perhaps?). And one time Bo Jackson almost killed him, captured below for your entertainment. The Boz is most definitely a reason to hate the Sooners.


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