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Who Is It? The Walking Dead Season Finale



607_Glenn_AnxiousSo far, we’ve rattled off Abraham, Aaron, Michonne, Carl, Rick, Sasha, Rosita, Eugene, Daryl, Maggie and soon to be Glenn. I’m not missing anyone, am I? (If so, tweet me and I’ll opine on that person as well, but I’m pretty sure that covers it.) So on to Glenn.

Why it would make sense: Okay, this is tough, but there are lots of reasons why it makes sense. The first is that if Glenn dies at the hands of Negan on TV, it would be consistent with how he meets his fate in the comics.

The second is that Glenn’s already had one close call, and as hard of a time as I had with what the showrunners asked of the viewers in that whole deal, at least Negan would be a worthy person to take Glenn out. As opposed to Nicholas who was the biggest pilgrim ever.

And wouldn’t that be consistent? First the showrunners ask you to wait several episodes to find out that Glenn survived (very inexplicably), only to go on to ask you to wait all spring and summer to find out that Glenn died (very believably)?

Also, the show has already set precedent with the whole baby-born-to-one-parent thing. Maybe it’s about to happen again.

Here’s another thing: Time and time again, Glenn puts it on the line for Maggie. Remember when she was atop that ramshackle tower in Alexandria after the walkers had broken in, and Glenn and Enid tried to lure the walkers away from her? That was, quite literally, the first time Maggie had seen Glenn since he was presumed dead.

Put another way, Maggie learns Glenn still has life the exact moment he eagerly puts it on the line for her. (But one example of the show loving rich irony…) And he did it again in last night’s episode. When Negan talks about putting her out of her misery, not only does Glenn scream, he actually lunges toward Negan. Not smart.

But Glenn doesn’t care because he would die for his woman at the drop of a hat because Glenn’s a real man. And if he’s the one Negan kills? It means Maggie’s not. Thus, in a way, Glenn would be dying for Maggie.

Not to mention this. That pump fake earlier in season six forced us all to ponder a world without Glenn. In a way, we’re already acclimated to the concept. There’s no question that he’s as core of a character as it gets. (Remember when he saved Rick in the very first episode of the entire series?!) So, yeah, it’d hurt like hell. But at least we, the viewers, have already dipped our toe in that water before.

I dunno. It just sorta adds up to me.

Why it wouldn’t make sense: Given the fact that Glenn intentionally spilled his Bisquick all up in Maggie in a premeditated effort to make pancakes (h/t Abraham), he has plenty to live for. And he could well be the most beloved of all the characters. Certainly in the top three. Seems like there would be a viewer revolt.

Final take: But his death would most definitely advance the ball. If that really way his “Last Day on Earth,” we would, indeed, open next season to a whole new world, just as the Gimple and Kirkman alluded to in Talking Dead. Lord knows I have no insight. I’m just like you. A fan of the show. So it’s not like I have some crystal ball in front of me.

Just a hunch. And it tells me Glenn died last night.

But only time will tell.


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