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Who Is It? The Walking Dead Season Finale



walking-dead-sashaWhy it would make sense: Sasha fits into the Aaron mold. At least for me. Yes, she’s more integrated in the show than Aaron by virtue of having appeared far earlier. But of the “core” people, she’s low on the “care factor.” At least to me she is.

Still, she’d be a core loss for sure. So maybe, from that standpoint, she fits in the Aaron-plus mold. Because she’s truly huge. Just not as huge as some of the others. A lot of words to say this: she’d be an easy out for the show runners, but no so easy as to make them feel like they wussed out as would be the case if it were Aaron.

Why it wouldn’t make sense: I go back to the love triangle thing. (If it’s even a love triangle anymore.) Sasha’s story has more chapters in it.

Final take: I actually think there’s a higher chance for her to go than the others I’ve mentioned so far. But I still don’t think it’s her.


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