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Who Is It? The Walking Dead Season Finale



The-Walking-Dead-27-Danai-Gurira-412x600Why it would make sense: Speaking selfishly here, but losing Michonne would make sense because we wouldn’t have to sit through any more of those weird romantic scenes with Rick. Because I’m not feeling any of that bullshit. Like not even one bit. There was something about the apple scene a couple weeks back that made me wanna hurl. Michonne is just too big of a badass to be spooning with anyone. Even Rick Grimes. So nixing Michonne would be nixing what I find to be an extremely contrived romantic thread that hinders my enjoyment of the show.

Why it wouldn’t make sense: Rick would go crazy again, just like after Lori, and Rick’s crazy ass is already crazy enough, not to mention the fact that Michonne means too much to the show.

Final take: Come fall, Michonne will still be in the mix.


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